Freedom Quest

Freedom Quest

It’s only when we take action that anything gets done, and failing to keep us focused on the constitution and our liberties will simply erode the future for all of us.

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Welcome All

Imagine if everything you hold dear…was suddenly threatened. It’s happened right here on September 11, 2001. For the first time in 225 years, the U.S. was attacked on its own soil. A bloody attack that set the tone of America in a different direction. We all came together and our military men and women and first responders stepped up to risk their lives for the foundation of our nation: The Constitution… the cornerstone of the United States of America.

Freedom Quest sponsors events to help us remember those brave souls who paid the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11 and beyond, and to reflect upon the foundations of our Nation – and reaffirms our Oath to protect the United States from Enemies, both foreign and domestic.

We believe that our Freedoms and rights, under God, are inalienable, given by Him, to … we the people. Endowed by our Creator to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We Champion these principles through education and events.

We The People

Freedom Quest is part of a revival of the core values that inspired our courageous founding fathers to risk everything to create a new nation free from tyranny. Strengthen community by developing and implementing programming that promotes unity and security and ensures the fundamental concept of citizen self determination while upholding the tenets of the United States Constitution.

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With the core mindset that America is headed in a concerning direction whereby the rights of the individual are being diminished, Freedom Quest will appeal to ”we the people” who believe strongly in the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the concepts of service and sacrifice in protecting our communities and our nation. We encourage/promote a “big tent” mentality for people to unite and to relate that which is common to our desired existence in community.

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